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Onlia adds on-demand Roadside Assistance to its suite of digital safe driving products

May 13, 2019 (1 month ago) |
TORONTO: Onlia Holding Inc., an innovative new digital company that is disrupting the insurance industry with its unconventional approach to road safety, announced the introduction of its on-demand Onlia Roadside Assistance.
The new service provides an additional value add for safety-minded Canadians, building on the brand's recently launched digital auto insurance and Onlia Sense safe driving mobile app.

Accessible to Canadians from coast to coast via the Onlia Sense app, Onliasense.ca, or by toll-free number (1-888-456-6542), Onlia Roadside Assistance delivers easy access to straightforward, hassle-free roadside repair and towing services - with no membership fees or sign-up requirements.

The 24/7 service, which bolsters 2,400 on-call trucks, and low average wait times, features Canada-wide service for any standard passenger vehicle - all at affordable, flat rates. Featured services include tire changes, fuel delivery, vehicle unlocking/key retrieval and jump-starts for $79, with towing services starting at $99. To bring this innovative offering to the Canadian market, Onlia has partnered with Sykes Assistance Services Corporation (SASC), a trusted leader in roadside assistance throughout Canada.

The new product is a value-add extension to Onlia's technologically advanced safe driving mobile app, which seeks to motivate and reward safe driving behaviour. The app uses nudge theory and behavioural economics to educate, and inform, Canadians about how they think about safety and how they act on the road.

For Onlia, this is another exciting step towards furthering our overall safety mission - reinforcing our commitment to fostering a community intent and making Canada a safer place to live, says Bonny van Rest, Onlia's Chief Marketing Officer. We continue to test safety concepts through innovative brand actions and create smart, easy-to-access tools, like the Onlia Roadside Assistance product, that work to change the way Canadians approach the concept of safety and insurance.

For more information about the new Onlia Roadside Assistance product, the Onlia Sense app or Onlia's auto insurance offerings, visit www.onlia.ca.

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Onlia adds on-demand Roadside Assistance to its suite of digital safe driving products

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