Pantheon X Launches a 24-Hour Flash IEO on Nauticus Exchange

MELBOURNE, Australia: CRYPTO FUND platform Pantheon X will launch a 24-hour flash IEO on Nauticus Exchange on April 26 (Australian Eastern Standard time).

Users who buy XPN using Nauticus Coins can access up to a 15% bonus - the largest bonus of the three IEOs Pantheon X has participated in.

Pantheon X's most recent Initial Exchange Offering on last week sold out in ten seconds.

To access this exciting opportunity, please join the exchange, verify yourself prior to the IEO and deposit BTC, ETH or NTS.

Pantheon X is an innovative way to invest in crypto funds. Rapid changes and high volatility in the space have made analysing and researching the best funds difficult. Pantheon X enables users to invest in rigorously vetted funds managed by experts in a safe environment.

Users can select funds based on performance, risk and directly communicate with fund managers. Mangers themselves can easily integrate with the platform using exchange APIs and easy create funds, products and reports via the dashboard.

The exchange trades not only in funds, but also trades in financial data and information between investors and experts.

The team has an enviable background which is led by CEO, Steve Hong, a former investment banker with Korea Exchange Bank and Samsung Asset Management. Other members are drawn from Hyundai Motor Securities, Merrill Lynch, IBK Securities and LG Electronics NS MOEW.

The Singapore and Korea based project has almost 20,000 users in its community group and closed all their sales within couple of hours in various platforms such as Cobak (the biggest crypto community in Korea), Bitsonic Exchange and IDCM.

One XPN equals to US 0.41 cents

Total supply: 800 million


Purchase $20k plus using BTC or ETH and receive a 13% bonus
Purchase $20k plus using NTS and receive a 15% bonus
Purchase $10k plus using BTC and ETH and receive an 8% bonus
Purchase $10k plus using NTS and receive a 10% bonus
Purchase $0-10k using BTC and ETH and receive a 5% bonus
Purchase $0-10k using NTS and receive a 5% bonus

Tokens will be distributed to users' exchange wallets within 48 hours, except for the locked bonus amounts which will be sent through 31 days later.

For the full terms and conditions, please visit:
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Pantheon X Launches a 24-Hour Flash IEO on Nauticus Exchange