Los Angeles, April 29

Actress Rebel Wilson lived on "corn chips and guacamole" for a year when she first moved to Hollywood.

"When I first moved to the US, I had to sell everything that I owned my car, my computer, my apartment, everything. And I came with one suitcase, a doona (duvet) and a pillow.

"And I actually lived on... well I paid for a furnished apartment so I had somewhere to stay, but I lived on $60 a week, which is not much. I'd go to this supermarket called Trader Joe's and get corn chips and stuff and I was surviving on corn chips and guacamole," Wilson told a radio channel, reported femalefirst.co.uk.

Wilson, who had filmed "Bridesmaids" when she first arrived in Los Angeles but had to wait for it to be released, had earlier said she wants more "diverse" roles as people haven't seen the "extent" of her talent.

"I love the roles I play, but, obviously, I can do a lot more. I feel the same with all my businesses too," added the 39-year-old actress, who claims to be very different from her on-screen persona and says she is "quite sensible" and "conservative" in real life.

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