New Science From OdoBan Completely Neutralizes Odors On Contact Leaving No Scent Behind

ATLANTA: Leader in odor elimination, OdoBan, launches its new Odor Neutralizer Scent-Free spray. This new spray is revolutionary as it eliminates odors without leaving any scent behind.

The fragrance-free spray uses cutting-edge science to develop an odor binding technology. The science here takes malodor molecules, which attribute to unpleasant smells such as smoke, pet or body odor, and makes them completely undetectable to the human nose.

Studies note that there is a prevalence of fragrance sensitivity in the American population according to the National Environmental Health Agency. The American Academy of Dermatology cites that some 5,000 different fragrances, and countless other fragrance combinations, are used in products today. OdoBan Odor Neutralizer solves this issue as it is designed for everyone, including those with fragrance sensitivities. The product can be used on soft surfaces, such as clothes, fabrics, athletic gear, furniture, shoes.

As the weather heats up, odor molecules move faster and more of those odor molecules that we interpret as 'bad smells' reach the olfactory receptors in our noses, said David Sexton, OdoBan's Technical Director of Research and Development. Our Odor Neutralizer formula is unique because it's new technology that more effectively binds and eliminates malodor molecules than anything we've ever tested.

OdoBan Odor Neutralizer Unscented spray features

Unscented, pH neutral formula, with no harsh chemicals
Pure air continuous spray, allowing seamless upside-down spraying that uses only air as the propellant

OdoBan is the original odor eliminator since 1980. After years of research and development we are pleased to introduce our newest product. Odor Neutralizer spray makes unwanted smells completely disappear with no added fragrance. This is truly unique on the market today, and will help people with fragrance sensitives remove odors effortlessly, said Steve Davison, OdoBan Founder and CEO.

OdoBan Odor Neutralizer Scent-Free Spray will be available at most Home Depot stores across the United States and is currently available on
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New Science From OdoBan Completely Neutralizes Odors On Contact Leaving No Scent Behind