Bihar: Govt has done nothing, but we'll cast our vote, say villagers

Bhagalpur (Bihar) , Apr 17 : Even though the Gopalpur Bindtoli villagers in Bhagalpur allege that they have been facing issues pertaining to floods since years, the Bihar government hasn't paid any heed to the difficulties of the people. However, the villagers haven't lost their trust in the democracy, as they are pumped up to cast their vote in the ensuing elections in the state.

According to the villagers, those living in low-lying areas of the village lost their homes in the 2008 flood. The rising water of the Ganga has submerged their homes, land, steers and basic possessions.

Manilal Singh, the local resident said, "We are living on the dam in small huts. After the 2008 flood, we are carrying on with a similar way of life. The government has done nothing for us. Presently the government is working to stop the rising water of Ganga which isn't much fruitful."

He further said that the villagers will cast their vote as they consider it as their duty. "Even though the government has done nothing for us, we'll cast our vote. It is our duty and it's the government's decision whether they need to work for us or not, we can't do anything."

Another resident Manoj Yadav said, "No political party wants to come here and all they want is our vote. They don't want to work. No groundwork happens here."

"After 2008 flood, we were wandering with our kids unassisted. Nobody came to support or help us. From newspapers, we got to know that the government guaranteed that they will give Rs 10000, house and required food items to us. However, nothing has happened on the ground," said another resident Putul Devil.

He further said that during election time, politicians will come asking for the vote, but nobody gives any assurance to our life from this.

Polling in Bihar is being held in all seven phases from April 11 to May 19. Counting of votes will take place on May 23.

(ANI | 1 year ago)

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Bihar: Govt has done nothing, but we'll cast our vote, say villagers