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Mercedes-Benz Canada reports March sales

Apr 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
TORONTO: Mercedes-Benz Canada and its national dealer network are pleased to report 4,282 passenger vehicles, vans, and smart fortwos were sold in March 2019.
Throughout the month, SUVs continued to make up the majority of the company's sales. Of the top three volume-drivers, two were luxury light trucks - the GLC and GLE SUVs. Rounding out the group, the C-Class Sedan continued to earn strong returns.

Mercedes-Benz Canada retailed 3,748 passenger vehicles in March, of which 1,579 were cars and 2,169 were SUVs. Year-to-date, the company delivered 8,981 passenger vehicles, including 3,773 cars and 5,208 luxury light trucks. Among passenger vehicles, the A-Class Hatch was one of Mercedes-Benz Canada's top five volume-drivers for the first time in March, while sales of the popular GLC continued to climb throughout the month (+52.8%) as well as year-over-year (+28.5% compared to March 2018). In terms of the company's monthly and year-to-date sales, cars constituted 42% of the total while SUVs made up the remaining 58%.

In March, Mercedes-Benz Vans delivered 523 units, supporting a year-to-date total of 1,251 vehicles sold. Monthly sales of the Sprinter were up by 6.4% over March 2018.

11 smart fortwo vehicles were delivered in March.

Mercedes-Benz Canada's Pre-Owned division retailed 1,605 units in March, of which 1,287 were Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). Year-to-date, the division has sold 3,841 units, including 3,060 CPO vehicles for a 79.7% penetration (+2.1%).

In March, the announcement that the Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC would be coming to Canada provided further proof of our commitment to meeting our customers' needs, said Brian D. Fulton, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada. Roughly one out of every five passenger vehicles sold in the first quarter was a compact car, while our high-performance vehicles continued to account for roughly one quarter of our sales. Stellar performance in a compact package means the A 35 is sure to be among our most highly anticipated models in the lead-up to its arrival in early 2020.

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Mercedes-Benz Canada reports March sales

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