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MiLi Provides Wireless Charging Solutions for Your Smart Furniture

Apr 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
NEW YORK: With the gradual popularization of wireless charging technology, the industry is trending to integrate wireless charging technology for businesses and home users.
As an industry leader, MiLi seeks to redefine the standard wireless charging solutions by introducing the Furniture Mate and Table Mate.

The Furniture Mate is a wireless charging module which uses electromagnetic induction technology to provide a unique and convenient fast charging experience (up to 10W) for furniture. The multi-platform MiLi design will integrate built-in wireless charging functionality to an array of different types of decor with any customization. The Furniture Mate is also equipped with wired charging capabilities and a standard USB interface to meet the needs of many different mobile and handheld devices.

MiLi Table Mate | 'The Under Table Wireless Charger'

MiLi is very proud to unveil the Table Mate as well. With no need to make any additional modifications to the furniture it's applied to, this wireless charging transmitter is designed to rest underneath any non-metal surface by using a reusable adhesive material. The transmitter is not permanently attached to the table and can be moved and reapplied as needed.

Using the magnetic resonance technology to charge a phone with up to 5W of power wirelessly, within the range of 35 mm, MiLi Table Mate offers Qi wireless charging, compatibility with all wireless charging standards for over 100+ Qi-compatible smartphones.

For more information regarding MiLi's wireless charging solutions, please visit our booth at T-415&417, 6-10th April 2019, High Point Market, in High Point, North Carolina.

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MiLi Provides Wireless Charging Solutions for Your Smart Furniture

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