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Cong labelled Modis as 'thieves' just to insult this 'chowkidar', says PM

Apr 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
Bhatapara , Apr 16 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sharpened his attack on the Congress for labelling those with Modi surname as hieves, saying it was done only to get some applause and insult the 'chowkidar' (watchman), while referring to himself.
"These people are crossing limits daily. According to them, anyone whose name is Modi is a thief. What kind of politics is this? They have labelled a whole community as thieves only to get some applause and just to insult your 'chowkidar'," the Prime Minister said during a public rally here.

Accusing it of disrespecting the poor, Modi said that the mentality of Congress was that of a sultanate rule and considered all the poor and downtrodden as their "slaves".

"These 'naamdars' (dynasts) have sultanate-type thinking. Whenever they see any poor and downtrodden, they consider them as slaves. The naamdars have a long list of their feats," he said.

"While the Congress calls the honest taxpayers as selfish, the naamdars themselves are embroiled in a tax fraud case," Modi said while referring to the National Herald case.

Continuing his tirade against the Congress, the Prime Minister once again took a jibe at the 'mahagathbandhan' (grand alliance), saying the Opposition leaders were having "sleepless nights" as the public, according to him, are favouring the BJP.

"The wave in favour of the BJP has given sleepless nights to the Congress and their 'mahamilawati' friends. They have become agitated and due to this, see how they are abusing and disrespecting me. All these things are being watched by the people of this country," he said.

Alleging that the Congress was indulging in money laundering and corruption, the Prime Minister said, "They are those people who snatched the government's money that was going to benefit pregnant women and children of poor families. But, I am a 'chowkidar', I will punish those who have done this."

Underlining that the BJP took a tough stand on terror, Modi said that such a move was possible due to the "power" of an electorate's vote.

"Today, India went to Pakistan and did surgical strikes. Today, India can kill terrorists inside their houses. Today, India can launch a missile from the space. This is the sign of a new India," the Prime Minister stressed.

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Cong labelled Modis as 'thieves' just to insult this 'chowkidar', says PM

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