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Tagbin- A company on the path of rapid exponential growth

Apr 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
New Delhi April 16 : The best thing about achievements is the grind that goes behind the scenes and that is what has made Tagbin, a valuable experiential marketing resource for various brands and institutions. Established in 2013, Tagbin has contributed to the planning and execution of multiple innovative projects in both public and private sector across India and overseas. Tagbin has witnessed rapid exponential growth because of their foresight of leveraging experiential technology for immersive experiences.
The company claims to be using a mix of cutting-edge technology, behavioural psychology and data-backed science to create a desired magical experience. It is interesting to note that in this fast-paced world of technology, humans still engage better with a brand which connects with their emotions, and stimulates primal senses of touch, taste and smell.

Applying a combination of creativity and technology, their team specialises in designing and engineering experiential spaces using unique experiential scale to make the desired experience measurable and precise. From creating 22 zones, a marvellous two-storeyed experiential museum with more than 150 panels at the Red Fort, authorised by the Ministry of Culture, to developing India's first smart city experience center at Dholera, to attract companies and investors for the upcoming smart city of India, Tagbin has excelled in creating various experiential museums, experience centers and experiential events and shows.

Continuing their streak for delivering excellence, after working with more than 200+ brands and organisations, exciting 1000+ projects in about more than 15 countries, Tagbin has also, worked with Government of India in several projects like National Archives Museum (New Delhi), Yaad-E-Jallian Museum (Red Fort, New Delhi), Azadi-Ke-Diwane Museum (Red Fort, New Delhi), Icons of Nationalism Museum (National Library, Kolkata), Mahatma On Celluloid Exhibition (IFFI 2018, Panaji, Goa) and many more.

What sets Tagbin apart from other experiential marketing companies is its pioneering foray into, in-depth research and end-to-end in house planning and execution of projects, backed by years of experience pertaining to innovation in designing and engineering spaces like experiential museums, experience centres and experiential events and shows for an engaging experience. These spaces are built to connect with the consumers by understanding and evaluating the behaviour of the targeted visitor.

The co-founder and CEO of Tagbin, Saurav Bhaik - was awarded for being one of the most promising entrepreneurial prodigies and challenging the status quo of marketing and redundant technologies.

"Our mission as a company is to design and engineer experiential spaces which conjure up a magical experience for the audience with the amalgamation of the right mix of innovative technologies and content integration. We excel in implementing innovative technology, which helps in easier absorption of content through a designed and engineered experience. Our core focus will always remain towards constantly innovating and reinventing the way audiences experience and absorb information", said, Saurav Bhaik, CEO and Co-founder, Tagbin.

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Tagbin- A company on the path of rapid exponential growth

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