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BeOne seminars announces pitch plan to help businesses transform their sales

Apr 17, 2019 (2 months ago) |
New Delhi April 16 : BeOne Foundation for Transformational Leadership launches a unique program which empowers participants to make exceptional and effective pitches for their products and achieve remarkable results.
The 2-day event is especially useful for people in roles which require high level meetings and making B2B presentations. This includes professionals who want to increase their top-line revenue, obtain venture capital, attract investment for their projects, and discover new market segments. The event enables the participants to understand and implement game-changing methods of creating crisp, short and turn-around pitches. At the end of the event they walk away with a pitch of their own.

The participants will learn how to close deals efficiently and get the results they want from any meeting. They will also receive various tools, techniques, checklists and templates for future use. Selected participants will be able to present and have their pitches analysed by experts.

The event is led by Chetan Walia, the CEO of BeOne Foundation for transformational leadership. Chetan is recognized by the corporate world as a strategist, coach and consultant. Over the last two decades, Chetan has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 200 companies in more than 50 industries, and over 1000 sub-industries, worldwide. He has written, spoken and consults extensively on growth, breakthrough, innovation and leadership.

The other facilitators include CEOs, advertising experts and industry leaders who have decades of experience in creating innovations and also successfully implementing and selling them.

"The pitch plan methodology has been tested across multinationals and large conglomerates and it works, every single time. As a result, you can convert larger deals, in faster turn-around times", said Chetan Walia, CEO of BeOne Foundation.

The event will be held from 24th May-25th May, 2019 at The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

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BeOne seminars announces pitch plan to help businesses transform their sales

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