Japanese JFE Engineering develops LNG facility

Toyama [Japan], Apr 15 : JFE Engineering, a leading engineering company in Japan, has constructed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal for Hokuriku electric power company.

LNG has low carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions as compared to other fossil fuels.

LNG energy has a small environmental load that does not emit sulphur oxides.

"This project is like consolidating experience and achievements of JFE Engineering. We piled up a lot of plans and (then) started the construction of LNG terminal in November last year," said Hisaya Koga, an official from JFE Engineering.

"The LNG terminal is filled with our LNG plant technology and received LNG storage tanks and machineries. JFE's proprietary technology also boasts the top-share gas pipelines in Japan," Koga added.

He said "Based on our past achievements and experience, we were able to build an efficient and highly operational LNG terminal."

Demand for LNG has been increasing worldwide due to the recent environmental initiatives and economic growth. It is also expected to increase in the future, especially in the developing countries in Asia.

One of JFE Engineering's flagship businesses, the LNG plant, has been in the construction business since 1978.

The construction of LNG terminal was completed in minimal time and no accidents were reported.

"We would like to contribute to not only the project of large-scale LNG terminal we were involved in this time, but also the creation of a greener society by providing LNG technology tailored to the needs of our users," Koga said.

JFE Engineering continues to provide products and services based on advanced technological capability and contribute to the development of infrastructure.

(ANI | 1 year ago)

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Japanese JFE Engineering develops LNG facility