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Updated JSON Schema Support Headlines Altova's v2019r3 Release

Apr 15, 2019 (3 months ago) |
BEVERLY, Mass: Altova (http://www.altova.com) announced the release of Version 2019 Release 3 of Altova MissionKit desktop developer tools, server software products, and Excel add-ins.
This release adds support for the latest JSON Schema drafts across the product line, new Split Text View options in XMLSpy, support for high-res monitors and new Web services mapping options in MapForce, and so much more.

A highlight of some of the new features in this release

Support for JSON Schema draft-06 and draft-07 across the product line
Split Text View in XMLSpy to split the editing window into two parts horizontally or vertically to view and edit different parts of your document at once
New data mapping tools added to MapForce
Full support for high resolution monitors
Database output logging
Transaction roll-back for database error handling
Error handling options for REST Web services
Dynamic username and password option for Web services
Support for un-structured request/response bodies in REST Web services
DiffDog Server now supports automated, high-performance comparisons of database structure and content
Updated Open JDK support across the product line
Support for Office 2019 (OOXML) across the product line
Support for additional database versions across the product line
And many more.

These and many additional features are available in Version 2019r3. To view new features in each product and access trial downloads please visit (https//www.altova.com/whatsnew)

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Updated JSON Schema Support Headlines Altova's v2019r3 Release

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