SysAid Launches Refreshed UI Designed to Accelerate Ticket Resolution

BOSTON: SysAid, a leading provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, launched a refreshed user interface (UI) for its platform.

The new UI helps IT admins resolve tickets faster by providing all the tools and data they need in one window. SysAid's data scientists find that IT admins spend 85 percent of their time on ticket resolution. Thus, the enhanced UI is engineered to reduce IT admin effort and save time.

Aiming to balance comprehensive functionality with a simplified user experience, SysAid consulted with many customers around the world to get their input on the new UI design. The result preserves the unique customizability that sets SysAid apart from other platforms while minimizing the need to click or scroll while working on incidents.

SysAid's new UI presents incidents like news stories, descending from the broadest information to the most detailed. Up top, a bookmark-style tab displays the urgency, impact, status, and other big-picture data. The layout descends to ticket descriptions, notes, and messages, where only the latest information is displayed to prevent unnecessary scrolling and information overload. When needed, an admin can easily click to see the full documentation and conversation.

Most noticeably, the new UI introduces a personalized insights panel on the right-hand side. The panel includes a selection of agent and departmental KPIs at a glance, so you have a visual representation of the statuses of all tickets. Examples of these KPIs include: # of tickets approaching a breach of SLA, # of tickets closed by admin today vs. assigned to admin, and software changes on users' assets in the past 48 hours. These KPIs will enhance efficiency for IT admins and speed up ticket resolution.

Another practical enhancement in the UI is the modernized admin dashboard, which makes it easier for IT admins to gain immediate valuable insights from their service desk data.

The dashboard has a fresh, modern look and it allows me to easily keep my CIO in the loop about what's going on across the service desk, said Yaggel Cohen, Business Analyst for Caesarstone. With the new insights panel, admins always have the broader picture right in front of them. It's like each admin has their own personal helper to keep them focused and working on the right things.

SysAid's new UI can be configured without any coding. Therefore, teams can employ multiple layouts and insight configurations to further optimize ticket resolution. This flexibility frees ITSM teams to work their preferred way, rather than adapt to one generic user interface.

We want customers to resolve tickets in minimum time. So, we aimed for a UI that is smart, beautiful, and simple, said Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid. We thank all our customers who shared their feedback and partnered with us to create a user interface that is cleaner, drives action, and helps IT teams be more effective in delivering top-notch service to their organizations.
(PRN | 11 months ago)

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SysAid Launches Refreshed UI Designed to Accelerate Ticket Resolution