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Researchers develop jellyfish-inspired self-healing skin

Mar 20, 2019 (3 months ago) |
Pulau Ujong, Mar 19 : In what could prove a breakthrough in building even more human-like robots of the future, researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed an electronic skin that can heal itself, stretches well and is also touch-sensitive.
Inspired by the jellyfish, the self-healing skin, dubbed GLASSES (short for gel-like, aquatic, stretchable, self-healing electronic skin), could be used to add an even more enhanced 'touch of human' to machines.

As Cnet reports, the electronic skin has potential application in developing soft robots and various human-machine communication interfaces.

The researchers mixed elastic plastic with a fluorine-rich ionic liquid into a gel to create a transparent skin that is able to heal itself and operate in wet environments.

If it is cut or torn, it is capable of regaining electrical conductivity within minutes and stitch itself back within days.

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Researchers develop jellyfish-inspired self-healing skin

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