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Tangkhul Naga tribe in Manipur celebrates agricultural festival

Mar 16, 2019 (2 months ago) |
Manipur, Mar 15 : Agriculture is one of the main occupations for people living in the northeast region. Most festivals and fairs in the northeast have an agricultural background akin to cultivation and farming. One such celebration is the seed sowing festival which is celebrated annually by many tribes of Manipur. Recently at Hungpung Village, a Tangkhul Naga tribe celebrated the seed sowing festival in Ukhrul district.
With more than 70 per cent of the population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, farming still continues to be the foundation of the economy in the Northeast region. Most of the festivals celebrated in these regions are usually linked with cultivation and farming.

One such festival, called Luira Phanit or the seed sowing festival, is celebrated by the Tangkhul Naga tribes in Manipur.

Recently, the village of Hungpung came alive with a colourfully conducted, seed sowing festival under the theme, Ngashan Hi Mashunna (culture is the truth).

We need your support and encouragement. Likewise, let us continue to live in peace and harmony in the days to come, said James Kashung, managing director North East Fin services Ltd.

Decked up in traditional and colourful outfits, villagers swarmed the festival grounds to witness the vibrant cultural event.

The fest also saw a series of competitions which included seed sowing, bamboo pole climbing and a beauty contest among many others.

This is very important. It is the beginning of the seed sowing festival. After this celebration, the plantation will begin. So this is the main theme of the festival,said Yangmi, one of the local villagers.

The golden jubilee of the Hungpung Ahungshi Organisation (HAO) under the theme Prosperity in Traditional Rights was also celebrated at Hungpung Ahungshi Leingapha Kayang, Awungtang, Hungpung.

The ceremony was graced by the titular king of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba who was accompanied by Forest Department Manipur ACF CW Suisa who attended as a functional president.

The beginning of the eight day festival was marked by hoisting a ceremonial flag.

The Wunghira, a singing group delivered the welcome song while a group of women put on a dance presentation called Pheichak (Tangkhul dance steps).

This village is like a second home to me. Since my father's days, this village has been a special place. Hungpung village has a special legend story and state's history which cannot be distorted, said Sanajaoba.

As a symbol of love and unity, the Tarung (totem) was erected by the menfolk. The event brought together hundreds of people under a single roof and they marked the golden jubilee celebration together.

Kongsang, one of the traditional neckpiece was distributed to all the women (yorla in Tangkhul dialect and Ningols in Manipuri) as a gesture of love and goodwill.

Wungayung Peter, chief of Hungpung village said, When the Hundung village king is crowned, it is done only once in a lifetime. After that, according to history, the Maharaja of Manipur needs to bring a sacrificial object.

In a similar instance, the seed sowing festival was also observed in Tashar village of Ukhrul district. The youth of the village also performed the victory dance.

Since agriculture is one of the main occupations of the region, events like this not only help boosts agriculture but also help to unite the hill people and the city folk. Overall, it is a celebration of love, peace, friendship, and relationship.

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Tangkhul Naga tribe in Manipur celebrates agricultural festival

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