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Google is working on a foldable device: Report

Mar 16, 2019 (2 months ago) |
California, Mar 15 : Samsung did it, so will Google. The internet search giant is reportedly working on building a flexible screen device that could potentially be its future foldable phone.
Google's latest patent application hints at the company's interest in building a device that folds. As spotted by Patently Mobile, Google's patent describes a device with an OLED display that folds inwards.

The patent further talks about the possibility of a folding device that could bend at two different places in a Z-fold pattern with the help of number of embedded layers.

It is to be noted that the patent associates the foldable screen technology to a 'computing device' and not smartphone in particular. Also, as it is a patent, Google may or may not choose to transform it into a commercial product.

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Google is working on a foldable device: Report

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