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Allergan Launches Beauty Decoded Live Event Series in London

Mar 15, 2019 (2 months ago) |
LONDON: Allergan launches Beauty Decoded Live - the first in a series of global events designed to educate consumers on facial fillers, the importance of having a proper consultation with a trained aesthetic practitioner prior to treatment and how to achieve the look that they want.
At a time when demand is growing, Beauty Decoded Live aims to shine a light on good practice in a rapidly expanding sector of the beauty industry and empower those who are contemplating treatment to book a proper consultation, secure in the knowledge that they know what to do, what to ask, and what to expect.

Allergan is encouraging consumers to take ownership of their consultation, to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment, from an appropriately trained healthcare professional by asking four simple questions:

Check IT: Can you tell me about your training and experience?
See IT: Can I see examples of your work?
Know IT: Which brand of filler do you use?
Understand IT: What treatment do I need to get the look I want?

Allergan have recently conducted a global beauty survey, to understand the motivations and desires of consumers considering aesthetic treatment.1 The survey showed:

80% of women care about their facial appearance
63% would consider it worthwhile spending money to improve its appearance
82% of consumers believe that facial fillers are more acceptable than they were 5 years ago
19% of people are considering having facial fillers in the next year1
59% still lack the confidence to book a consultation with a professional to discuss their options. 2

Consumer concerns are varied, with 32% afraid of unnatural looking result and 30% worried about long-term safety.

Beauty Decoded Live aims to address these concerns and help patients to feel empowered to choose the look they want and be informed enough to know how to achieve it. Presented by renowned plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, creator of the MD Codes, the events aim to dispel the myths surrounding medical aesthetic procedures and break down or 'decode' the barriers that cause consumer uncertainty.

With presentations by world-renowned medical aesthetic experts, mini one-to-one consultations with leading practitioners, high-tech skin analysis, a live injection demonstration, JUVÉDERM product area and more, Beauty Decoded Live gives consumers the tools to make an informed decision about whether a treatment is right for them.

Together, the JUVÉDERM IT campaign and Beauty Decoded Live not only encourages attendees to become the most aspirational version of themselves - it arms them with the knowledge to: Uncover it. Discover it. Decode it... and get the look they want.

All of the components of medical aesthetics and beauty will be DECODED for event attendees:

Science decoded: Understand the science behind JUVÉDERM facial fillers
Facial fillers decoded: Learn about the different clinically-approved JUVÉDERM facial fillers that will help attendees to enhance their features, reduce the signs of ageing or improve skin quality
Consultations decoded: Gain an awareness of the qualifications they should look for in their practitioner and how the consultation should be tailored to suit their individual needs
Treatment decoded: Recognise the importance of establishing a treatment plan with their practitioner

Dr. Mauricio de Maio, worldwide innovator in medical aesthetics and education, one of the world's leading plastic surgeons, and developer of the MD Codes says, It is of paramount importance for consumers to have a thorough consultation to both address their questions about medical aesthetics, and to enable them to achieve the look they desire. A good aesthetic practitioner needs to be more than just an injector - they need to be a consultant to the patient, as well as an expert with the products. This consumer campaign is focused on directly addressing the most common questions we hear from patients, so that we can advance the discussion towards a consultation - focusing on what the patient wants to achieve with their JUVÉDERM treatment. The Beauty Decoded Live series will help demystify medical aesthetics for many patients who have questions about treatment.

Allergan's long-standing commitment to quality and innovation means that event attendees can be assured of receiving the most robust and reliable information, in an environment that is both supportive and unintimidating.

Nancy Ghattas Associate Vice President UK and Ireland Country Manager at Allergan says, As consumers in the UK are devoting more attention to their appearance, they are demanding faster innovation as well as higher quality techniques and diligence from healthcare practitioners - so that quality of care is not compromised. As a medical aesthetics leader, it is our responsibility to educate and empower consumers to make informed decisions that are right for them. This process starts with the right consultation; by tackling the toughest uncertainties and helping patients to gain a better understanding about JUVÉDERM, we believe they can take ownership of their treatments and it will lead to better outcomes overall.

All ticketing profits for Beauty Decoded Live London will be matched by Allergan and donated to Beauty Banks, a non-profit organisation that seeks to galvanise the beauty community set up by Sali Hughes and Jo Jones. The charity collects personal care & beauty items and provides them to people living in poverty.

The global Beauty Decoded Live series will launch in the UK and reach 15 countries across the world in 2019, including China, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Turkey and France.

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Allergan Launches Beauty Decoded Live Event Series in London

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