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Crowdfense Launches USD 15M 0day 2019 Global Acquisition Program

Mar 15, 2019 (2 months ago) |
NEW YORK: Crowdfense today announces the launch of a USD 15M global Acquisition Program dedicated to the purchase and further refinement of 0day vulnerabilities for the most popular software platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
The company, which launched in 2017, was designed by a global team of seasoned cyber security experts, researchers and lawyers to work on the biggest active cyber-defense challenges of our times and to spearhead the adoption of higher levels of professionalism, sustainability and trust in this strategic market.

We work only with the best vulnerability researchers, focusing on very select capabilities, with a highly structured and process-driven approach, said Crowdfense director Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni.

Last year's $10M bug bounty program was very well received by researchers, together with our unique Vulnerability Research Hub (VRH) online platform. We also offered free high-level technical training sessions to hundreds of vulnerability researchers around the world, as a part of our commitment to support the research community.

Now it is time to scale up our operations. he added.

In 2019, the company plans to capitalize on this success by increasing their investments, improving the VRH platform with a new Training Area and extending the scope of the Acquisition Program to include other important areas of research like Networking Devices and Instant Messengers.

Crowdfense is focused on quality over quantity, so that its institutional customers can get the best possible return on their investments while successfully protecting their nations and citizens from a growing spectrum of threat actors.

For the second year in a row, Crowdfense is offering the largest payouts on the market for several classes of strategic capabilities:

For more information about Crowdfense 2019 Acquisition Program, please access the website: www.crowdfense.com

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Crowdfense Launches USD 15M 0day 2019 Global Acquisition Program

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