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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reports End of 2018 Statistics

Mar 15, 2019 (2 months ago) |
SEATTLE: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance-the #1 customer-rated provider of insurance for dogs and cats- proudly announces their end of year statistics for 2018.
From an increase in enrolled pets to a breakdown of which conditions are on the rise (and which are less prevalent), the company is offering an enthusiastic recap of 2018 below.

With the new year, we like to look back and analyze how Healthy Paws has grown, said Rob Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. But we also want to tap into how our pet parents are doing. We want to know which ailment is on the rise, which one is decreasing, and overall what areas of opportunity there are to help more pets and pet parents.

Surge in Claims

Healthy Paws saw an increase of 31 percent in claims filed year over year, which means that more and more pet parents are using their pet insurance. Additionally, enrollments as a whole increased by 20 percent over the last year, proving that pet parents are realizing the value of a pet insurance policy. Healthy Paws reports that Golden Retrievers lead the pack for dog enrollments and Ragdoll cats were the most popular feline insured in 2018.

Specific Ailment Increases & Decreases

While Healthy Paws releases the most common accidents and illnesses every year, knowing which condition is on the rise has yet to be released until now. Analysts at Healthy Paws found that claims for Cruciate Ligament injuries increased by 77 percent last year compared to 2017. This condition can affect dogs and cats and can be pricey; the Cost of Pet Health Care reports that it can cost up to $13,400.

There's good news though - the biggest decrease in claims is Mast Cell Carcinoma, which is down 7 percent from 2017. Cancer has long been a top 10 common condition for both cats and dogs, so Healthy Paws is glad to see the evidence that certain instances of the disease are decreasing.

Most Common & Most Expensive Claim for 2018

The most common claim for both cats and dogs combined is gastritis. Gastritis is tummy upset, caused by eating something toxic or even by switching your pet's regular food without warning. Stomach issues are a leading cause to visit the vet - in 2018, this ailment affected cats (29 percent of all claims) more often than dogs (16 percent). By visiting a vet, pet parents can usually curb this condition by sticking to a bland diet, withholding food altogether, or seeking further tests for infection.

Lupa, a German Shepherd who was diagnosed with tetanus, claims in 2018 totaled $52,021 and Healthy Paws reimbursed her pet parent $46,569. You can read more about Lupa and the two highest claims of 2018 here.

Healthy Paws takes pride in helping pets and pet people in the US. Pet insurance is still not well known, however as many employers offer it as a voluntary benefit at work and customers share their testimonials, it is gaining in popularity. Healthy Paws is looking forward to 2019 with hope and promise to help more pet parents, as well as assisting shelters and rescues around the country too. Find out more about these good works as well as Healthy Paws insurance plans today at healthypawspetinsurance.com.

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reports End of 2018 Statistics

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