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CHOCOTRUCK COMING THROUGH: Tony's Chocolonely Debuts Interactive Chocolate Experience at SXSW

Mar 15, 2019 (2 months ago) |
PORTLAND, Ore: Tony's Chocolonely, a Fairtrade and B-Corp certified company on a mission to make all chocolate worldwide 100 percent slave-free, announced the official launch of its brand new experiential Chocotruck at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, the first stop of its multi-city, mobile US tour.
The Chocotruck is driving from city to city to meet new friends, share chocolate and the story about the inequalities in the cocoa industry.

Tony's is crazy about chocolate: the Chocotruck isn't your average food truck. In fact, it's not a food truck at all. And no, it's not made out of chocolate...yet. Visitors step up to the Chocolate Bar, a sampling station where they can taste all of Tony's classic flavors. Bars will also be available for purchase for $5.49 or a mix-and-match Chocotruck box set of four bars for $20.

Tony's is serious about people: with a satisfied sweet tooth, visitors are invited to step inside the Chocotruck and embark on an interactive Bean to Bar Journey through the entire chocolate supply chain, experiencing hands on how Tony's is making chocolate differently: in taste, packaging and the way cocoa farmers are treated. Visitors can even put the cherry on top of their experience by snapping a picture in front of the truck's dedicated selfie wall lifting an enormous chocolate bar, because we all need to raise the bar in the chocolate industry and change the way things are done.

Additionally, following its nationwide search, Tony's has found its Chocotruck Captain and two Co-pilots, Corey, Nicole and Stephanie respectively. They will be taking the truck from city to city and rolling out activations at universities, retailers, company campuses and other events. Tony's is also offering to host speaking engagements and screenings of the documentary The Chocolate Case in local markets.

Here's the thing...most of us associate chocolate with a fond memory, a feeling or even a brand. We don't necessarily think about the people and process behind our favorite treat. Our mission is big, and we knew that we needed to bring Tony's vision to the world in way that people could engage with in a meaningful way. Enter the chocotruck: we're crazy about chocolate and this truck is definitely (hazel)nuts, said Dena White, US Marketing Manager for Tony's Chocolonely. We're very serious when it comes to our mission of ending slavery in cocoa. While the truck is absolutely a party on wheels, we're here to create awareness and understanding that will ultimately spark change. It's possible to make slave-free chocolate if we all work together. We are pumped to be officially hitting the rode with Corey, Nicole and Stephanie onboard to help share our story.

The Chocotruck tour dates and locations include:

March 10-15: Austin, Texas
March 19: Tucson, Ariz.
March 22-27: Phoenix, Ariz.
March 28-29: San Diego, Calif.
March 30: Temecula, Calif.
April 1-7: Los Angeles, Calif.
April 9-20: San Francisco Bay area, Calif.
April 24-May 5: Portland, Ore.
May 6-11: Seattle, Wash.

In addition to the Chocotruck, SXSW attendees will have the opportunity to learn about issues in the cocoa industry during the changing the chocolate industry session from Tony's very own Choco Evangelist, Ynzo van Zanten. His speaking session is on Tuesday, March 12 from 11am - 12pm at JW Marriot Salon C, located at 110 E 2 Street, Austin Texas. Tony's will also be at the New Dutch Wave House at the Waller Ballroom, located at 700 E 6th Street from March 9-13. Members of team Tony's will be there for informal choco-chats, chocolate-themed games, and of course lots of chocolate for official sessions and events.

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CHOCOTRUCK COMING THROUGH: Tony's Chocolonely Debuts Interactive Chocolate Experience at SXSW

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