Passion for organic farming bring UK national to Puducherry

Puducherry, Mar 14 : Krishna McKenzie, a British national, travelled all the way from his country to Puducherry to make a career in organic farming.

It was the Indian culture and his passion for organic farming that attracted him to Puducherry.

He is an ardent advocate of eco-friendliness in the quaint township of Auroville.

Krishna was inspired by the Indian culture since his Alma mater, J Krishnamurti School, in the UK. Later on, he made the life-changing decision of stepping into organic farming in India.

I came here in January 1993 and it's been 26 years in Tamil Nadu. The journey is very surprising for me. I find hard to believe, how the message has touched me so deeply about honouring our culture nutritional heritage, he told ANI.

In a country like England, we don't know from where food comes, he said, and asked, if we lose relationship with the foundation of our lives, then how will be our society, culture, nutrition and medicines will reflect in the education, economics and ecology?

He said industrialisation has had a devastating effect on the economy at every level.
(ANI | 12 months ago)

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Passion for organic farming bring UK national to Puducherry