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GameChange Solar Announces Record 2018 Revenues and Profitability

Mar 14, 2019 (2 months ago) |
NEW YORK: GameChange Solar today announced financial results for 2018, which showed a meaningful growth in both revenues and profitability.
Revenues grew over 140% and profitability (EBITDA) grew over 150%. Megawatts of total fixed tilt and tracker systems shipped for 2018 grew over 160% versus 2017, to approximately 1.5 gigawatts.

GameChange Solar has continued to follow its prudent business model of low fixed overhead and superior operational execution to grow at a steady pace while maintaining consistently profitability. Not only has the company increased market share every year since inception, but also been profitable every year as well.

Derick Botha, Senior VP of Business Development of GameChange Solar, stated, 2018 was yet another year of financial success and profitability for GameChange Solar. The company saw high growth rates in both the fixed tilt and tracker product lines. We also added several new large utility scale customers due to their recognizing GameChange Solar's compelling combination of value, quality, fast install speed, and for the Genius Tracker, higher power production. Our long term financial stability and superior performance have also become important factors allowing the majority of the largest utility scale customers to select GameChange Solar as their preferred bankable supplier. We have seen a significant increase in orders recently which bodes well for another year of profitable growth for 2019.

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GameChange Solar Announces Record 2018 Revenues and Profitability

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