SEATTLE: Persona nutrition, the leading personalized vitamin program, unveiled 11 new nutritional supplements that will join the other 80 high-quality vitamins and supplements available through its personalized nutrition subscription service.
The new supplements were developed based on more than 800,000 completed responses to Persona's online nutritional assessment and conversations with the company's nutritionists. The latest supplements feature new combination products to help reduce the number of capsules a subscriber is taking each day, as well as new vegan softgels and a program designed specifically for bariatric patients.

As a company that lives and breathes personalization, we are thrilled to engage with our subscribers on a level that makes it easy to quickly respond to their needs through product innovation, said Tamara Bernadot, co-founder and chief nutrition officer, Persona nutrition. Our new products demonstrate the power of personalization. We are confident that our latest innovations will allow subscribers in all stages of life to achieve their wellness goals.

Bariatric vitamin program
Post surgery, bariatric patients must take specially-designed nutritional supplements to support their health needs through their lifespan. Developed from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) guidelines, Persona's new bariatric program features a multivitamin in a vegan softgel formulated with the nutrient levels these patients need as well as calcium citrate taken three times per day - all are packaged in individual tear-off pouches that can be taken on the go.

Combination nutrients
To help reduce the number of supplements some subscribers receive, Persona now offers an omega-3 fish oil combined with curcumin from the BioCurc brand. In addition, the company joins iron with vitamin C in one capsule to support iron absorption in the body.

Vegan softgels with Persona branding
Persona is responding to the increased desire for vegetarian and vegan nutritional products by creating the following supplements in vegan softgels that are branded with Persona's logo.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in 100 and 200 mg capsules to support brain and cardiovascular health
Ubiquinol in 100 mg capsules from the Kaneka QH brand supports the body's own conversion process to create CoQ10
Chromium picolinate in 200 mcg capsules to support the body's response to insulin
Vitamin B12 (methylated form) in 500 mcg capsules to support energy levels in the body
Vegan vitamin D sourced from algae (Vitashine brand) in 1,000 mcg capsules to build and maintain bone health
Foundational Multi now in a vegan softgel

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