• Monday, 19 August 2019

Apple's radar misses dozens of pornography, gambling apps

California, February 13 : Soon after Facebook and Google were found abusing Apple's app policies, a new investigation has revealed that there are dozens of apps related to pornography and gambling.

An investigation by TechCrunch revealed that the developers of the hardcore pornography apps and real-money gambling apps passed Apple's weak Enterprise Certificate screening process or piggybacked on legit approval, and operated flouting all content policies.

When Facebook and Google were found flouting the norms to run apps which paid users to allow access to device usage behaviour, Apple suspended their internal enterprise apps causing a widely reported office chaos.

However, the latest discovery is a rather larger abuse of Apple's ban on pornography apps to keep iOS family-friendly. While some of the apps appear to have been disabled, some including Swag, Banana Video, Pear, Poshow and AVBobo are still functional. Gambling apps which are currently functional include RD Poker and RiverPoker.

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Apple's radar misses dozens of pornography, gambling apps

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