• Monday, 19 August 2019

Huobi Cloud Year in Review: Explosive Growth and 120 Exchanges Launched

SINGAPORE: Huobi Cloud, Huobi Group's one-stop cryptocurrency exchange solutions provider, saw rapid growth in the first six month of its existence.

From October through the end of December, its latest full month of operation, monthly trading volume on Huobi Cloud-affiliated exchanges rose by 500%. Likewise, the number of exchanges launched through the service increased from zero to 120 over that same period.

Digital assets have enormous potential to open the doors of global finance to users around the world. Our exponential growth - even in the midst of the ongoing bear market - just goes to show how much demand still exists for them, said David Chen, Huobi Senior Business Director. By the end of 2019, we expect to have partners in at least 30 countries across five continents, particularly Asia, Africa, and Europe. These will include fully-compliant Fiat-Crypto exchanges in more than 10 countries.

Huobi Cloud enables partners - even those with little to no experience running digital asset exchanges - to quickly build and launch secure and stable crypto-to-crypto and OTC platforms using Huobi expertise and infrastructure. Partners can benefit from Huobi Global's similar order matching system, asset management, and clearing system. Among other benefits, Huobi Cloud provides web services and apps to partners free of charge; supports Open API functionality for institutional, professional, and other sophisticated traders; and offers support in 13 languages.

Among Huobi Cloud's 2018 milestones:

Huobi Cloud worked with local partners in more than 21 countries and territories to launch crypto-to-crypto and OTC exchanges in 2018, with some under the Huobi name and some white labeled under other brands. These included exchanges in Africa, the U.K., Hong Kong, and Canada.
Huobi Cloud launched two Huobi-branded exchange partnerships with local partners in 2018: Huobi Indonesia went live in September and Huobi Russia was launched in December. Additional Huobi-branded exchanges will be coming in 2019.
In October, Huobi Cloud opened its API functionality for partner exchanges, allowing them to better serve institutional, professional, and other sophisticated traders.
Huobi Cloud now offers support in 13 languages, including English, Korean, and Thai.

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Huobi Cloud Year in Review: Explosive Growth and 120 Exchanges Launched

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