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Introducing the Quick N Mobile Specialty Wide Seat Portable Power Wheelchair: The Electra7

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla: There's a shortage of portable Power Wheelchairs for Larger Adults in the United States. According to 2007 statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US has the highest prevalence of overweight adults in the English-speaking world with a 74.1pc obesity rate.

As it pertains to portable mobility aids, this presents a problem for a growing population. US Census Bureau statistics show the need for personal assistance sharply increases with age. While this may not affect you, it cripples a growing population.

With the invention of the foldable power wheelchair, many adults needing assistance with mobility have found freedom. Before the Electra7 Power Folding Wheelchair was introduced, this freedom was reserved for lighter weight Americans only.

Weighing just 50lbs, the Electra7 has 21 inches of width in seating area holds up to 400lbs. Yet, the overall width of the chair is just 24 inches, which enables easy maneuverability while driving, even in tight spaces such as restrooms, older doorways and narrow hallways.

When asked about the Electra7, Paul Bunting from Quick N Mobile shared:

The Electra7 has been very popular since its release date in late 2017. It is the only chair on the market to hold up to 400lbs and have 21 inches of seating space, in terms of width. This has helped larger adults become more mobile, which is a true gift to themselves and their loved ones.

There is reason Bunting feels the Electra7 is a gift. With a higher weight capacity for portable power wheelchairs like the Electra7, it's now possible to fold the chair, take a cab to the airport and catch a flight to just about anywhere! Point being, the Electra7 represents a new paradigm in mobility for larger, mobility challenged adults in the US.

The Electra7 Wheelchair is an FDA Registered medical device that can be purchased from Quick N Mobile, a Florida company. Quick N Mobile ships to all 50 states.

Potential customers can call us to learn more, 888-701-8799, or they can visit our website There is a video library showcasing the Electra7 there, as well as the ability to order from the comfort of your own home. We do everything possible to make it as easy for our customers.

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Introducing the Quick N Mobile Specialty Wide Seat Portable Power Wheelchair: The Electra7

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