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Plymouth Meeting Mall Loses a Local Comic Book Store Legacy

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa: A staple in the Plymouth Meeting Mall will no longer be there as of January 31, 2019. For over thirty years shoppers have enjoyed having a local comic shop at the mall; though the names have changed over the years; Comic Stop, Legends, Comics and More and finally Uncanny!.

The goal and spirit of the owners and employees have remained the same, to sell comic books and to help build and maintain a community for a genre they all love and respect.

Comic book stores, in general, have been struggling, which some owners have attributed to the growing number of digital comic readers and an increasing number of chain and big box stores, who are carrying comic books and other superhero/pop culture related products.

Uncanny!'s owner Nick Kruczaj was quoted saying: We always knew with the growing popularity of comic book properties there was going to be competition, so we were prepared. We adjusted our model and product line to be competitive. The thing to remember, is when it comes to comic book sales, the pie always stays the same size; our goal has always been to maintain and grow our slice.

The unfortunate line in the sand and the main reason behind the closure of Uncanny! Plymouth Meeting Mall, was rising expenses. We just couldn't afford the rent, it's as simple as that, said Nick, owner of Uncanny!.

It's a sad day for all parties involved, us, our customers, even the mall.

I remember being twelve and coming to this mall to buy my comics... I'm proud of what we built here, and that we had the opportunity to be the first comic shop for so many, but unfortunately every story comes to an end, said Uncanny! Plymouth Meeting Manager Raymond Bistline.

This is where the Uncanny! story ends, a closed shop; another vacant store in the Plymouth Meeting Mall; a community lost.

UPDATE: Uncanny! Finds a New Home
Simon Malls Saves the Day

As if from the pages of a comic book, Simon Malls steps in at the eleventh hour offering Uncanny! a great space at an affordable rent. New location opening February 6th in the Montgomery Mall.

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Plymouth Meeting Mall Loses a Local Comic Book Store Legacy

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