• Sunday, 18 August 2019

State of the Retail Nation: WD Partners' White Paper Ranks 100 Brands as Good, Bad or Ugly

COLUMBUS, Ohio: The retail world has not been pretty for some once-iconic legacy brands. Bankruptcy headlines are stacking up much like dust-covered products stacked on store shelves.

In our annual retail study, we asked consumers to evaluate 100 of the biggest brands in the industry. The premise is simple, but our analysis is in-depth. Which brands are killing it in today's consumer market (the Good), which brands are scraping by at base level (the Bad) and which brands are in desperate need of change (the Ugly)?

We took a closer look at the data within several key verticals including big box, specialty, beauty, grocery and banking. Spoiler alert, Amazon is at the top of the list, but there are plenty of surprise brand moves both up and down the list.

In addition to looking at the state of the retail nation as it sits today, we compared our data from this year's study versus last year's study to learn why companies ranked the way they did, which factors contributed to each brand's success or failure and who made the biggest moves (up or down) year over year. We examined the data from more than 4,000 consumers from a global level, then segmented the data by Digital Natives (age 18 to 29) and Digital Immigrants (39 and older) for similarities and differences among the two distinct segments.

The results and learnings culminate with opportunities and recommendations to improve brands' standing with consumers. The competition in retail is so wide-ranging and coming in from all angles that no retailer can truly stand pat, even the top brands on our list. We've gone from an era where change was seen as innovative to one where change is not only a necessity but it must occur often.

In a cutthroat retail nation, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is meant to inspire action. We look at every retailer from 1-100, from the brand that makes the biggest improvement to the brand that makes the biggest decline, and we see the opportunity within the data. But the opportunity lies within swift action.

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State of the Retail Nation: WD Partners' White Paper Ranks 100 Brands as Good, Bad or Ugly

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