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Mr. Batter's 'Ready-to-Cook Pancake Batter' Unveiled by DreamPak

MCLEAN, Va: DreamPak, a leading innovator of liquid drink mixes for coffee, creamers and dietary supplements, today announced that it is entering the food space with the first shelf-stable, ready-to-cook pancake batter.

Utilizing the same 'shelf-stable by formulation' technology that has allowed the company to disrupt the beverage industry, Mr. Batter's will be merchandised in the center-store breakfast section and does not require refrigeration even after opening.

Mr. Batter's is a truly a breakthrough innovation in the breakfast category. Now consumers can circumvent the need to purchase, add, and mix additional ingredients by simply pouring the ready-to-cook liquid batter directly onto a pan or griddle, said Tarick Gamay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the company. Essentially we are allowing them to skip right to the batter without the time, mess and frustration of the typical boxed powder mix preparation process.

DreamPak is strategically attacking this segment of the overall food category given the lack of innovation over the past several decades. According to Mr. Gamay, We've seen only incremental packaging innovation in the breakfast space with 'Shake & Pour' offerings that require users to add water to a powder-filled bottle and use within a few days. However, there has been a noticeable lack of innovation when it comes to developing more convenient delivery formats such as a liquid batter. He also hints at future variations of the ready-to-cook pancake batter technology such as the inclusion of chocolate chips or other pieces. The company is also exploring how its liquid batter can be used to make inroads into the massive shelf-stable dessert category.

The new item will hit the shelf starting in March at select grocery chains including Hy-Vee, an Iowa-based supermarket with more than 240 locations. The pancake batter will also be offered for private label. Mr. Batter's is available in an original Buttermilk flavor that makes up to 15 servings in an easy-to-pour bottle that can sit right on the kitchen countertop. All of the contents can be made at one time, or the bottle can be re-used over multiple usage occasions without ever needing to refrigerate. Simply heat a skillet over medium-low or an electric griddle to 275°, and then pour the liquid batter onto a lightly-greased skillet for on-demand pancakes.

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Mr. Batter's 'Ready-to-Cook Pancake Batter' Unveiled by DreamPak

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