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New Book 'I Died Yesterday' Explores Life After Death and Rethinks How to Live Life

SHOREVIEW, Minn: Death. It's the only thing, other than birth, that every living thing has in common. Death is inevitable and there are a thousand theories of what happens after your last breath is taken.

Shoreview, Minnesota resident and comedy playwright Pamela Norton Docken, a near death survivor, has her own insight into what awaits. After her experiences and being with nine people as they passed from this world to the next, Pamela felt compelled to write her book, 'I Died Yesterday'. I never imagined I would write something so deep, but it's as if I was speaking for someone else. Someone named Teresa. She needed her story told, said Pamela.

Follow Teresa, a bitter woman who dies suddenly on a coffee shop floor, through her journey after death. It is certain after reading this book, you will rethink how you live life. Are you ready?

What people are saying about 'I Died Yesterday'

'A must read.... a very well written book with excellent character development. It made me think of forgiveness as well as the fact that sometimes people act as they do because of their own hell, not because they are mean'. - Mark Bomchill

'Eye opening...I never imagined what my loved ones may have felt after they passed, but now I have a sense and it is eye-opening to me. The imagination of this author has opened a new door for me emotionally' - Basia Minta

'Beautifully written! I honestly read in a day because I did not want to put this book down. So many emotions reading this story that I felt, at times, I could relate! Would love a 2nd book from this author as she is so detailed and honest in what she feels as she writes!' - Taylor Routley

You can order your copy of 'I Died Yesterday' on Amazon or on I Died Yesterday's website at www.IDiedYesterday.com.

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New Book 'I Died Yesterday' Explores Life After Death and Rethinks How to Live Life

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