Shares What Attracts Your Valentine, and Where to Meet Them

ROCHESTER, Mich:, the website that lets you create personalized gift books for your loved ones, has compiled a list of the top 7 physical features that people find most attractive in their mate, as well as a list of the top 7 most popular places where couples meet their mates.

LoveBook compiled the lists based on anonymous input from its customers and thousands of personalized Valentine's Day gift books. On its website, users create customized Lovemojis that look like themselves and their significant other, answer a few questions, and create a personalized gift book for any occasion.

According to more than 25,000 users on, the physical features that people most often list as attractive are:

7. Legs
6. Hands
5. Hair
4. Scent
3. Lips
2. Butt
1. Eyes

And the most common places where people met their Valentine? They are:

7. At church
6. On a blind date
5. At a party
4. At a bar
3. At school
2. At work
1. On the Internet

Chris Sonjeow, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of, said, We are very pleased to share these lists. Putting these lists together was great fun for us, because we can use this information to make our product better and make our customers happier. While the lists are fun, Mr. Sonjeow says it's more important to know that thousands of people are using his product to express their love, We love knowing that the LoveBook platform allows people to express themselves in so many ways all through the year, not just on Valentine's Day.
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