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Battery-Free Smart Lock with Remote Key Code Programming Now Available

NEW YORK: Elliot Rais recently announced receipt of US patent #10,147,255 for Smart Locks that do not require batteries, yet retain all the features of conventional Smart Locks, including the ability to update key-codes remotely 24/7 through z-wave or wi-fi. Eliminating batteries eliminates the greatest cause of lock failures resulting in lockouts.

Implementation requires no hardware modification to an existing lock mechanism. The only requirement: A connection to a separate spring-loaded dynamo, plus a minor software modification. The dynamo can be manufactured in a separate housing and annexed to the lock by unsnapping the lock from its battery connector and snapping it on the dynamo connector. Or, the lock and dynamo can share one housing. (One pull on the Dynamo lever provides the required 6v or 9v for 15 seconds).

Smart Locks are most commonly used by those who rent out their apartments (think AirBnB). Yet, battery-powered locks suffer a serious drawback: They sometimes fail, causing a lockout. Current backup solutions are totally inadequate. It is unreasonable to expect guests to arrive with batteries or USB cables or to haul batteries everywhere; even to the swimming pool, to ensure re-entry.

A lockout for a guest arrival is a serious problem; a lockout when retrieving luggage for departure, even worse. Reported Smart Lock problems include: unanticipated fast battery drain, battery leakage, inaccurate low-battery indicators, and human error: People forget to change batteries, and batteries die from inactivity.

In the understanding that hospitality businesses cannot afford even a single lock failure, Elliot Rais developed the Battery-Free Smart Lock to be feature-rich, eco-friendly, and failure-proof.

The challenge was how to update key codes remotely anytime 24/7, given that the lock is powered for only 15 seconds, and only when someone at the door activates the dynamo by pulling the lever. This patent successfully overcomes that challenge.

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Battery-Free Smart Lock with Remote Key Code Programming Now Available

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