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Best Water Sports Destination in India

Best Water Sports Destination in India

New Delhi, Feb 11: India is a country of many sorts. With its diverse people and states, it has a lot to offer the people who come from abroad as well as the citizens. There are various places in the country that will truly mesmerize you. Although, roaming around somewhere is one thing and visiting a destination for its amazing adventure sport is another.

Participating in a water sport gives you that rush, that boost of adrenaline, I must tell you after being involved in one such spot, your life won't be the same. There are many types of adventure sport that can be enjoyed in our country for example Bungee Jumping, Parasailing, Skydiving, and a lot many. Although, today we will be talking about water sport and destinations where you can enjoy them. Therefore in order to check them all out read them down below.

If you have ever heard about Rishikesh then you must be aware that the place offers a great range of Water sport. Although, the place is mostly known the Rafting stream it offers and most of the people visit the place to enjoy the sport. You can also enjoy Kayaking at the place if you want. The place also has a wide list of other adventure sports.

Sikkim is another really great rafting destination. You are going through the white waters of the Teesta River. The water there is turbulent and gives you ample of opportunities you feel the rage of the rapids. Rafting in Sikkim is one hell out of an adrenaline ride. The water of the Teesta River is labeled 4 in terms of cold as per the international standards. Also, the rapids that come during your rafting are labeled between 2 to 4.

Also known as Bombay, the city is often called the city of film stars aka Bollywood. Mumbai has a lot of destinations to visit and places to roam around. The streets are filled with great food and you can even find the best hotels in the country in this city. A lot of people even say that the city never sleeps. Although, if you visit the place then you can also enjoy water sports there. A lot of people may not be knowing about it but the city has plenty of water sports options. The various types of water sport that you can enjoy there are Rafting, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Bumper Boat, and also Banana Boat Ride.

Jammu & Kashmir
The great hilly and the Himalayan region around the valley makes it up for a great location for awesome rafting experience it provides. Rafting in Jammu & Kashmir takes you through great scenic beauty and enormous mountains. Also, we all know that great rivers like Beas, Sutlej, Chenab, and Spiti makes for the best rafting experience you'll ever have in your life.

Goa is known for the great parties that happen around the beach. The city offers great nightlife. Although, what will you be doing during the day time. There are plentiful places for a wanderer to explore but what is there for the adrenaline junkie. I tell you, Goa offers a wide range of water sports that can be enjoyed on the great beaches of Goa. The various types of water sports that you can enjoy in the city are Kayaking, Snorkeling, Flyboarding, Scuba Diving, Ringo Ride, Banana Boat ride, and many others. There are so many sports in Goa that you can enjoy that it won't be wrong to call it a paradise for someone who enjoys water sports.

Pondicherry is another place which is known for its great beaches. The place offers great backwaters and various water bodies to enjoy. It is a place of sorts with exotic food and many places to explore. Although, one thing it is also known for is its water sports. Although, I would personally suggest you give a visit to the corals there. It means that you need to go for Scuba Dive there. The aquatic life that you will be capable of witnessing in the eastern coast are corals, lionfish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, eagle, manta rays, parrot fish, sea snakes, triggerfish, angelfish, bannerfish, and crustaceans. The water sports that you can enjoy in Pondicherry include Boating, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, backwater sailing.

The place is already visited by a lot of people all around the world and the country itself. It is not too cool in winter and gives ample opportunities to make up for your nudge to experience water sports. The various water sports for which people come to Lakshadweep are scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Apart from the water sports people also come here for the great beauty it offers to the tourists.

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Best Water Sports Destination in India

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