• Saturday, 16 February 2019

Max Life Insurance launches digital campaign for public awareness

Kolkata, Jan 22 : Max Life Insurance, one of India's leading life insurance companies, has undertaken a digital campaign named 'Second Chance' to create public awareness about the need for protection through life insurance.

This is a initiative by Max Life to make people re-think about the fact that no one is immortal in the world, life is uncertain and misfortune can strike anyone, anytime.

The campaign comprises of two videos with real stories of people, narrating how their lives have given them second chance which in most cases is rare. The videos also showcase and experience of the family members in the vulnerable and tragic condition.

Commenting on the new campaign, Ms Anisha Motwani- Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance said, "In India, insurance is majorly considered as an investment option; not too many people see it as an essential part of financial planning. We also tend to live under the shadows of misplaced optimism, making us believe that misfortune will never strike us. With this campaign we have tried to create awareness about the need for protecting one's life through real life stories and encourage people to think and consider protecting one's life for the sake of not just themselves but more so for their families."

She added, "We decided to take the digital route in this campaign since today, customers are more tech savvy and inclined towards buying protection plans online. The Max Life Online Term Plan is born out of customer insights, focuses on ease of purchase, and provides advice at every step of the purchase process. This plan with unique offerings is only the start and an attempt to bridge the existing gaps in the online term plan offerings in the market."

Max Life plans to run the campaign through Social Media platforms like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, directing people to a website, where they can view videos, get inspired from stories of real people who have had near death experiences personal instances and take steps to protect their family.

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Max Life Insurance launches digital campaign for public awareness

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