Love Aaj Kal is the dream project of Saif Ali Khan, being his home production film.
We heard they had lots of fun during the shoot but there were few incidents which created a bit panic situation.

Our sources reveal that, “The film had almost come to an end but suddenly an incident took place where we have to re shoot 4-5 scenes as the camera broke down.”

“The crew was surprised when they learnt that suddenly the sequences that they have shot with the actors have been vanished. They got a new camera of worth Rs. 5 lakhs and had to shot all over again. It was one of the most important sequences of the flick,” adds the source.

Talking about the Jhatka, our khabroo reveals that, “While shooting for a melody number with Saif, Deepika had a great fall from the stage. It was a panic situation but everyone felt relief when she got up and said that ‘I’m fine’.”

It was the masti number, Chori Bazari…, “In the song she was suppose act as a drunker and while doing this she lost the balance, hurting herself,” concludes the source.

Now Saifu must have realised that it’s not halwa to producer a film. Now everyone including the actor himself is just waiting for the release with Box office result.

(Posted on 03 July 2009, 1675558801 3O236O138O35)