After earning laurels from all over the world for his film 'Staying Alive' Anant Mahadevan is all geared up for his next directorial venture. The film based on real life story is titled 'Cotton country'.
Without revealing many details about the star cast, Anant shed some light on the story of the film which goes, “ ‘Cotton country’ is a story about man who fought all most for four years for the freedom for his county. However, unfortunately, it took him 35 years to prove it to achieve the ‘freedom fighter certificate’.”

Anant is busy with ‘Red Alert- The war’ within whose world premiere is scheduled at Stuttgart. So after the film’s release India in September this year, Anant will take ‘Cotton country’ on the floors.

(Posted on 03 July 2009, 1675572104 3O236O47O240)