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100 Degree Celsius - Malayalam Movie Review (2014)

By P Abhinav, Kochi, October 10 : Malayalam movie 100 Degree Celsius released on October 10th is a women-centric thriller.

Debutante director Rakesh Gopan had a good concept but failed to implement it on screen.

Plot of the movie revolves around the lives of five women - Bhama (as Nancy, a bank employee), Shweta (as Nila, an IT professional), Meghana (as Revathy, a TV reporter), Haritha (as Lovely, a housewife) and Ananya (as Ganga, a college student).

An incident happened while they were staying together in a flat at Kochi turned their life upside down.

It would have been better had not the film been too preachy.

The movie is produced by Royson Vellara.

Screenplay by Rakesh Gopan.

Story by Rakesh Gopan

Music by Gopi Sundar is good but it's nothing soulful.

Cinematography by Sathyanarayanan Suriyan

Movie Rating: 2/5

(P Abhinav can be contacted at malayalam.website@gmail.com)

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100 Degree Celsius - Malayalam Movie Review (2014)

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