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HMSI takes part in Asia Dream Cup

  • IBNS | 7 years ago

Chennai, July 15 : For the second consecutive year, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), participated in the Asia Dream Cup which concluded here on Sunday.

The Asia Dream Cup Racing Championship took place from July 12-14, where 18 riders from 9 countries participated.

There is a total of six rounds to be conducted in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Japan and Qatar, third round being held at Chennai, India.

In this Championship, HMSI is also sponsoring 2 riders from India (Sumit Locus Toppo and Prabhu Arunagiri).

Honda Motor Company, Japan initiated Asia Dream Cup Motorcycle Racing Championship in 2012 to promote riders and develop riding skills.

Unveiling of CBR 250R

The Asia Dream Cup uses the Honda 250R, a model similar in capacity to the Moto3 class in the MotoGP.

Honda CBR 250R provides an opportunity for riders to have their first encounter with full frame racing, which shortens the learning curve enabling riders to be proficient in Moto3 class.

Riders with world-level credentials like Makoto Tamada (MotoGP rider) and Tomoyoshi Koyama (MotoGP rider) participated in the event.

Also during the Asia Dream Cup, Honda showcased its recently launched 2013 edition of the CBR 250R for the first time in here on Sunday.

The 2013 edition of CBR 250R comes in 4 new global colours. This includes Sports Red, Black, Pearl Sunbeam White and a Limited Edition - Repsol color.

The Repsol color Limited Edition of CBR 250R brings the iconic racing feel of Honda Repsol team's MotoGP bike RC 213V to Indian roads.

Moreover, Honda had engaged over 4397 individuals through various Fun, Safety riding and Gymkhana activities. These activities give visitors a unique opportunity to learn from Safety Riding Instructors.

Participants and spectators enjoyed slow riding (an activity that aims at enhancing bike balance). Even kids learned safety riding with a CRF-50 model which is specially designed to provide experience and education on two-wheeler and road safety.

Aiding first time riders with overall balance, Honda had set up its riding trainers which simulate various traffic, road and weather conditions so that riders can develop a healthy road sense.

Winners at Honda Asia Dream Cup

Currently, all 669 Honda dealerships are equipped with unique riding trainers.

HMSI has to promote road safety adopted Traffic Education Park in Jaipur by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Rajasthan.

In the coming future, HMSI plans to adopt more traffic training parks in other states as well.

"This is the 2nd year of the Dream Asia Cup and we are happy to host its India round in Chennai," said Keita Muramatsu, President and CEO, HMSI.

"This initiative is primarily to boost riding skills among the riders and also give them a platform to showcase their talent."

"As a responsible corporate, Honda will continue to expand safe fun biking culture in India. With the CBR 250R under Team Championship, Honda will promote its global legacy of providing advanced motor-sports experience for expert riders," Muramatsu added.

HMSI takes part in Asia Dream Cup

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