Mumbai, May 3 : Actress Deepika Padukone has been announced India's Most Desirable Woman in 2012 by a poll conducted by Times.
Deepika won the poll with over seven lakh votes in her favor, leaving actresses like Katrina Kaif who came second and Kareena Kapoor who came third, far behind.

But the leggy lass isn't just beauty without substance.

She recently won the Critics Choice Award for the Best Actress at TOIFA for her film Cocktail in 2012, proving her talent for her work.

Ecstatic to have won the title of India's Most Desirable Woman, Deepika said, "I do hope that my desirability comes from my work and the person I am and that it's not just limited to the physical attributes."

Despite all the praises for her work and her beauty, Deepika still remains her humble self.

Talking about her success, she said, "You can't take these things too seriously. Yesterday it was someone else, today it is me and tomorrow again it will be someone else. But yes, I'm happy as it is a result of my work over the years and has not happened overnight."

Meanwhile, with four films lined up for release this year, Deepika is all geared up to make 2013 her year.

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