New Delhi, May 1 : With the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) season at its peak, the risk of smartphones getting hacked increase manifolds as hackers and technology thieves try to take advantage of the distraction of an unsuspecting smartphone user by sending malwares through mails or providing dubious applications which put one's personal data and critical information at a major risk .
Virus protection software, Norton, has suggested few do's and don'ts on how to keep smartphones safe and data protected.

Norton suggested few precautionary measures like always setting a password on mobile devices with unique and strong passwords to prevent valuable information from being stolen.

Norton urged users to be cautious on public Wi-Fi networks by avoiding open and unsecured Internet connections such as free public Wi-Fi, as they increase the risk of exposing devices to online threats.

Moreover, Norton asserted never to save any PIN numbers or passwords which could be stolen by malicious applications and hackers.

(Posted on 02 May 2013, 1680017419 3O236O207O90)