Italian actress Violante Placido made her debut in the recently released Bollywood film titled 'Barah Aana'.
The pretty actress essays an interesting role of a foreign drug dealer in Raja Menon’s ‘Barah Aana’ wherein she stars opposite Arjun Mathur (of ‘Luck-By Chance’ fame).

Guess what we heard??

When the unit was shooting in Colaba, a man came up to Violante and actually tried to sell her ‘Charas’. The actress thought he was part of the unit and played along, until he expected her to pay.

Everyone had quite a laugh at the incident and the best part that came out of this was that the team actually incorporated the drug dealer’s lines into Violante’s dialogues.

Well, now that’s what you call making the most of everything.

(Posted on 25 March 2009, 1679695061 18O206O92O240)