The Cavalry Mounted Review by General Bikram Singh, Chief of the Army Staff and Colonel of the 61st Cavalry is being held at Jaipur on Sept 23, on his first visit to the Regiment since taking over as the Colonel.
The Cavalry Review 2012 coincides with the Battle Honour Day Celebrations of the Regiment.

The Regiment celebrates Sept 23 as "Haifa Day'' to commemorate the heroic Cavalry charge against the Turks on the same day in, 1918 at Haifa (Palestine) during the First World War by the 15th Imperial Cavalry Brigade.

The Brigade consisted of Indian State Forces Cavalry units of Jodhpur, Mysore, Hyderabad and Patiala Lancers.

Of these, Jodhpur, Mysore and Patiala Lancers alongwith state forces Cavalry units of Gwalior, Jaipur (Kachhawa), J and K and Saurashtra Cavalry were amalgamated to form a 'New Horsed Cavalry Regiment' - (61 Cavalry) in Nov 1953.

This year marks the 59th year of raising of the Regiment.

The 61st Cavalry is the only Horsed Cavalry Regiment of the Indian Army.

The Regiment has accredited itself with distinction in operational, ceremonial and sporting tasks. It has the unique distinction of being awarded one Padam Shree and ten Arjuna awards for excellence in sports.

The Regiment will parade in Walk, Trot and Gallop, in formation of eight, four and twelve abreast.

The training discipline and horsemanship of both horse and rider will be exhibited in a precise and synchronised military display.

The 61st Cavalry has the singular honour of being reviewed by the Chief of the Army Staff.

This visual display of Colour of Military pageantry will be witnessed by Officers, JCOs and Soldiers of Jaipur Military Station, NCC Cadets, School children and a number of civil dignitaries.

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