Mumbai, July 16 : Actor and chairperson of Children's Film Society, India (CFSI) Nandita Das says her latest film 'Gattu' gives her the courage to follow her dream.
"Gattu is a fun film, full of charm and adventure, made with sensitivity and a keen cinematic eye. Gattu's desire to fulfill his dream speaks to both, children and adults alike. It reflects our intent of making children's cinema entertaining yet enriching and uniquely Indian, yet universal," said Das.

"Through this release we hope to reach out to millions of children in India, to share with them the journey of an orphan boy who finds a reality that is bigger than his dream. 'Gattu' gives me the courage to follow my dream as well. I will feel that if he can do it, so can I. This is the USP of my film," said Das.

Produced by CFSI and directed by Rajan Khosa, Hindi movie Gattu will release in India on July 20.

NGO Smile Foundation has partnered with CFSI as the Outreach Partner for this film.

With its award winning film I am Kalam, Smile Foundation had initiated a mass sensitization campaign about the dream of every child to go to school.

Gattu is the story of a young boy who wants to win over a mysterious kite in the sky and leaves no stone unturned to achieve his dream.

The film has won several international awards including one at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.

It has also won Audience Award and Best Film and Best Actor Award at festivals in Los Angeles and New York. After travelling to various film festivals at Beijing, Cannes, Toronto and Edinburgh, it is now slated for release in India.

Gattu is being released by Rajshri Productions.

The makers and distributors of the film have devised a unique way to reach their audiences - through school contact programs and special previews for school principals across the country.

Speaking about the association with CFSI for the film, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee of Smile Foundation, Santanu Mishra said: "With I am Kalam we had stepped into the film genre and have been decently successful. We are now associating with CFSI's film Gattu because what the film promotes is fundamentally aligned to our area of work."

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