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Damon Wayans claims Clayne Crawford injured him on set

Los Angeles, May 15 : Actor Damon Wayans claims his former "Lethal Weapon" co-star Clayne Crawford was responsible for an on-set injury he sustained.

Wayans, 57, made the allegations on Twitter on Monday night after the Fox series was renewed for a third season and Crawford's replacement was announced, reports people.com

As fans got upset about the news, Wayans defended the casting changes and he shared a video of himself in which he says he was hit by shrapnel during a small explosion on the set.

"Now that the fate of the show is solidified.. I'd like to address the Twitter outrage with this video and image to follow directed by Clayne Crawford," Wayans tweeted.

Representatives for Fox, Warner Bros TV and Crawford did not immediately respond to people.com's request for comment.

In the video, something explodes behind Wayans and the actor is seen ducking with his face twisted in pain as he clutches his head. In the hashtag, Wayans included that the episode in which he sustained the injury was directed by Crawford.

In a second tweet, Wayans shows a close-up look at his injury, a cut on the back of his head with blood dripping down his neck.

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Damon Wayans claims Clayne Crawford injured him on set

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