Thursday, 23 Jan 2020

Did you also do #ChashmaTwitter

New Delhi , April 30 : We all knew that wearing 'chashma' is now considered cool as opposed to being called as 'chashmish' in the past but the craze about wearing spectacles has now reached to an all-new level.

Microblogging site Twitter is flooded with pictures of people sporting spectacles with #Chashma Twitter as men, women and even kids are posting their bespectacled pictures.

One of the Twitter users posted the picture of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi sporting black shades.

"Here you go ?? #ChashmaTwitter"

Another posted a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing the shades.

Some of them are even borrowing the plain-Jane specs to click a selfie with them and become a part of this Twitter rage.

As Twitter user Jagriti Shukla posted "My contribution to #ChashmaTwitter p.s. Chashma Mera nahi Hai"

Another posted the picture of social media personality Mia Khalifa sporting her famous specs.

Another posted picture of a little girl wearing the spectacles as he wrote "Isn't the cutest #ChashmaTwitter!"

So what are you guys waiting for, go get on the bandwagon and post your chashma selfies.

(ANI | 2 years ago)