• Saturday, 20 April 2019

Bieber saves woman from attacker at Coachella party

Los Angeles, April 16 : Singer Justin Bieber rescued a fellow party guest at actor Patrick Schwarzenegger's Coachella party during a fight.

According to the guests, Bieber grabbed a drugged-up man and held him up against a wall after spotting him grabbing a woman by the throat, reports tmz.com.

The "Baby" singer was at the party with a friend on April 14 when the unnamed attacked, who appeared to be on drugs, attacked a woman.

Bieber and his friend stepped in and tried to convince the man to stop. But when he didn't, the singer hit the man in the face and pushed him against a wall.

Security then forced the guy out of the party. He was later arrested, according to outlet, for causing a scene outside the bash as he started chasing an SUV he believed was Bieber's.

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Bieber saves woman from attacker at Coachella party

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