• Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Agio Launches New Public Cloud and Cybersecurity Offering: SkySuite

NEW YORK: Agio, a leading provider of managed IT and cybersecurity services for the financial services, healthcare, and payments industries, announced today that it will launch Agio SkySuite, a fully-hosted public cloud productivity and cybersecurity suite tailored for small and emerging alternative investment firms.

SkySuite is the first and only program of its kind, providing emerging funds with a fully-hosted infrastructure in Microsoft Azure's Public Cloud. The program is an outgrowth of Agio's ongoing partnership with Microsoft Azure, a leading public cloud service.

A comprehensive IT and cybersecurity solution, SkySuite is designed specifically for emerging funds and startups that may lack the necessary in-house resources to develop and manage their own infrastructure within the public cloud. With SkySuite, firms can be up-and-running in weeks instead of months.

The market has long been demanding a public cloud solution for smaller and emerging firms because it's safer, easier, and better integrated with workflow products, said Bart McDonough, CEO and Founder of Agio. We heard that call and created a solution that enables companies of all sizes to effectively utilize the public cloud in a cost efficient and secure manner.

Specifically, SkySuite offers Hosted Email via Microsoft Office 365, File Share, Managed Backup, Remote Access and Disaster Recovery, as well as 24x7x365 customer support. In addition to cybersecurity features like Mobile Device Management, Web Content Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, and Multi-Factor Authentication, Agio custom-configures client environments to remain secure and compliant.

Beyond being more productive and easier to use, the public cloud offers essential cybersecurity protection for small and emerging firms, continued McDonough. Our customized cybersecurity configurations in SkySuite leverage the dynamism of the public cloud to achieve critical fortification for new funds.

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Agio Launches New Public Cloud and Cybersecurity Offering: SkySuite

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