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The Nymph From Heaven: Compelling New Novel Paints Vivid Portrait of Tudor Era History

FAIRFAX, Va: Fascination with Tudor-era history seems destined never to wane. Not a year goes by without new books, films, television dramas or documentaries about King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, or their famous daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.

This is a story that people seem never to tire of reading or watching. This insatiable appetite for Tudor-era fare has created a market for Tudor fiction that is constantly seeking new offerings. With The Nymph from Heaven, Bonny G Smith enters the ranks of authors who excel at relating the Tudor tale. And for those who revel in historical accuracy, this book is a rare treat.

Most people know that Henry VIII of England had six wives and two daughters, but King Henry also had two sisters. Henry's sisters became queens through dynastic marriages; his elder sister, Margaret, became queen of Scotland when she married King James V, and his younger sister, Mary, became queen of France when she was forced to marry King Louis XII. But Mary Tudor Brandon's story is not often told. Mary falls in love with a poor English knight, and is determined to marry him. Through many trials and tribulations, and against all odds, Mary marries her one true love. But the price may prove too high.

I decided to write The Nymph from Heaven after discovering Mary Tudor Brandon's story while researching the Tudor Era, says Bonny G Smith, author of The Nymph from Heaven. The story of Henry VIII, Katharine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn is so enthralling that many never get past it to explore the stories of the many other interesting people who lived at the same time. Mary's story is intriguing, heartbreaking, and deserves to be told.

The Nymph from Heaven is the ambitious, entertaining, and thoroughly compelling story of an overlooked Tudor princess. With a rich insight into the personalities, politics, and passions of the Tudor court's main players, Bonny G. Smith provides a sumptuous epic that will captivate both those familiar with and new to the story of Henry VIII's sister, Mary.
-Dr. Steven Veerapen, PhD, Universty of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

For those who love the Tudor period and authors such as Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, this book is a must. The Nymph from Heaven is a well-researched, captivating read, following the life and passions of Mary Tudor Brandon. A worthy 5 stars, and well-suited to a mini-series.
-Karen Dagger

Ms. Smith's books are well-written, easy to understand history.
-Lynne Hudson

For any fan of Tudor history, this book is a real jewel.
-Monna Lainson

Intriguing and well written.
-Kristine Landry McCarthy

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The Nymph From Heaven: Compelling New Novel Paints Vivid Portrait of Tudor Era History

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