• Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Stepping Into Your Element: 4L Shoes Designs Shoe Line That Celebrates The Four Natural Elements

IRVINE, Calif: In creating a new shoe line that celebrates the four natural elements, 4L Shoes, an innovative new company, is looking to bring a unique level of comfort and style to consumers.

Designed in Italy and featuring the craftsmanship and fashion expertise the country is known for, 4L Shoes will offer footwear available to both men and women in styles representing each of the elements -- Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Italy has been one of the leading countries revolutionizing the shoe fashion industry for more than 150 years which is one of the key factors that sets apart 4L Shoes in a crowded and competitive footwear market. 4L Shoes aims to be the first Italian sneaker that focuses on comfort and performance while giving back to the community through helping victims of natural disasters across the globe. One of 4L Shoes' initial goals is to aid the children and families that have been affected by the recent earthquakes in Italy.

By designing entirely new shapes and styles never seen previously, we pay homage to the natural elements through using colors, patterns, and shape, said 4L Shoes CEO Nicoló Montesi. Our performance shoes represent a passion for the elements, and a rejection of the status quo. Our leisure shoes represent slowing down and taking in life's greatest moments with a smooth ride.

Features and benefits of 4L Shoes include:

Custom fabric and grip designed to mimic your element
Cushioned to stand up to the impact of life
Optimal mix of cushioning and responsiveness
Supportive, breathable insole to prevent sweating
One-piece construction, engineered with durable comfort zones
Supportive foam rim that centers and balances your foot

Montesi said he was inspired to establish 4L Shoes after witnessing the destructive power of nature over the past decade. His company is comprised of volunteers and philanthropists dedicated to influencing a positive change in the world. Montesi wanted to create a shoe that would make it easier for consumers to reconnect with the natural elements and incorporate them into their daily lives.

Shoes make an important fashion statement, he said. After all, you're walking around in them all day, so why not also wear a comfortable and stylish shoe. We pay close attention to detail and take great pride in every 4L Shoe we will make for our customers.

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Stepping Into Your Element: 4L Shoes Designs Shoe Line That Celebrates The Four Natural Elements

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