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Yeddyurappa Ready To See Upendra's 'Super', A Satire On Karnataka Govt.

January 19, 2011 : Not long ago Upendra went to the Karnataka Chief Minster Yeddyurappa's house to interview the politician for TV 9, a Kannada news channel and touched on quite a few burning issues. But that is not deterring Yeddyurappa from his plan to watch Upendra's flick Super.

The CM has decided to see the film along with his party members and watch the satirical take that the flick has taken on the present issues that is plaguing Yeddyurappa's government. It is said that the film touches on the topics like the Reddy brother's and the way they are misusing and selling the natural resources of India to foreign countries and the feeble condition that the CM is in.

Sources say that Yeddyurappa has decided to see the film after hearing from his friends that the film has done really well and he really likes the effort that Uppi has put in as an actor. The film Super is said to be targeting the common man and speaking about the present political corruption that's going on in Karnataka government.

The film released on December 3 and doing a very good business so far and has been directed by Upendra and produced by Rockline Venkatesh. It would be interesting to know what the reaction of Yeddyurappa, Reddy brothers and his other associates' reactions will be after watching the film, as it depicts the take of the common man on the present Karnataka political situation.

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Yeddyurappa Ready To See Upendra's 'Super', A Satire On Karnataka Govt.

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